We offer companies the possibility of commercialize a technology patented by our company, or develop a new technology based in their needs. Always focused to the same objective. To convert your investment in science into incomes.

Our main technological areas are:

Active Packaging

We research and develop packaging for the food industry that extends the products shelf life by incorporating active substances of natural origin.
Foodstuffs are different in nature and composition, so specific research is needed to develop the most suitable solution case by case.
We help companies to increase the shelf life of their products by adjustment of the active packaging properties to the specific food requirements.

Smart Packaging

Smart packaging plays a key role in the most advanced logistics and distribution systems: it allows product traceability, it protects products from theft or fraud, and it represents a hugely important tool in warehouse management. At the point of sale it can be used as a promotional element. In other cases, it helps consumers when it comes to using the product.
We develop communication devices based on printed electronics technology applied to paper, cardboard or plastic, bringing added value to the packaging.

New Packaging Materials

We work in new packaging materials in order to increase the shelf life of the packaged products and to provide novel functionalities. These new materials are an alternative to those currently commercialised.
We are focused in the use of conventional packaging materials (paper, polymer and others), as well as novel materials (biodegradable/renewable), and nanocomposites.

Food Safety

Our R&D&I is applied to packaging in contact with food in order to improve the product’s behavior and status in order to increase the consumer satisfaction.
We have the ability to develop prototypes and introduce new packaging developments into the market.