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FRESHRAP is an innovative active packaging solution for fresh chicken based on:

  1. Continuous generation of CO2. The gas is generated with the reaction of the fresh chicken’s exudate with the active coating, without injecting any gas and improving the quality of packaged (30% CO2 is reached yet in the first 24 hours);
  2. Specific packaging design to collect and conduct the chicken exudate to the active coating. This system avoids the use of absorbers that promote bacterial growth, discoloration, acidification, and moisture lost. Moreover, absorbers have a fibrous structure and particles from these fibres can stick to the meat. Due to these risks, the European authorities have expressed their concerns about the absorbers now in use;
  3. Repeated resealing system. Once opened, the package can be reclosed again by applying pressure along the sealing assessing the protective levels of CO2 inside it.

What can FreshRap do for your product?

  • Easy to Pack
  • Reduce the investment in packaging equipment and gases
  • Faster packaging
  • No increase the packaging costs for packers
  • To be applied in the industry
  • Better food safety
  • Shelf-life protection is maintained also in opened packages
  • Attractive to customers
  • In line with the European regulations
  • 100% Recyclable

What can you offer to your customers:

  • 15% increased shelflife
  • Maintains the product’s freshness
  • Liquid discharge does not come into contact with chicken
  • No absorber pads
  • Lasts till use date even once opened
  • Increased safety of fodd
  • Less waste=money saved

Discover FreshRap in this video!

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, SME-1 – SME instrument phase 1, with reference No 717513