ACTICOLD_LOGONew antioxidant active packaging system which increases the shelf life and conservation of sliced meat products.

ACTICOLD is based in the use of agri-products through the extraction of high value-added components for incorporation into packaging materials. This supposes the use of natural preservatives to extend the shelf-life of cold meat.

What can ACTICOLD do for your product?

  • Active compounds can be included in film separators or in the lid/tray.
  • Natural components are used.
  • The product is designed with no visible differences for the consumer.
  • Include antioxidant properties to your packaging to protect your product.
  • Extend your markets scope with higher shelf-life.
  • Approved by EFSA as packaging material for food contact.

What can you offer to your customers:

  • More Food Safety to cold meat products
  • No visible changes in the packaging.
  • Natural solutions to protect the food.
  • Enhance conservation of the cold meat.