FRESHRAP is an innovative active packaging solution for fresh chicken based on:

  • Continuous generation of CO2. The gas is generated with the reaction of the fresh chicken’s exudate with the active coating, without injecting any gas and improving the quality of packaged (30% CO2 is reached yet in the first 24 hours).
  • Specific packaging design to collect and conduct the chicken exudate to the active coating. This system avoids the use of absorbers that promote bacterial growth, discoloration, acidification, and moisture lost. Moreover, absorbers have a fibrous structure and particles from these fibres can stick to the meat. Due to these risks, the European authorities have expressed their concerns about the absorbers now in use.
  • Repeated resealing system. Once opened, the package can be reclosed again by applying pressure along the sealing assessing the protective levels of CO2 inside it.



Food by nature is subjected to chemical or microbial deterioration. Conservation of packaged food can be achieved using different preservation techniques, such as the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). Common MAP packaging structures are based on non-renewable materials, being multilayer structures, difficult to recycle.

CELLUPACK overcomes this concern with a fully biodegradable packaging, based in renewable resources. Includes a paper substrate which provides a readily thermoformable tray. A polymer blend based in poly(lactic acid) (PLA) is used in the lid of this new packaging solution.



New antioxidant active packaging system which increases the shelf life and conservation of sliced meat products.

ACTICOLD is based in the use of agri-products through the extraction of high value-added components for incorporation into packaging materials. This supposes the use of natural preservatives to extend the shelf-life of cold meat.