New innovative active packaging developed for meat products

Big food distributors are really concerned about offering their clients bigger food preservation. Customers’ requirements, who demand, in one hand, more and more quality and, on the other hand, longer food preservation, have helped this type of companies to realize how important research is in this field and the benefits they can obtain by giving it a bigger magnitude in their budgets.

For this reason, SciencePack Innovative Solutions’ team has developed the new Freshrap, a new packaging model which allows meat distributors (chicken fillets, mainly) to preserve the product conditions for a longer period.

This Spanish start-up combines a group of entrepreneurs with a long experience in projects related to food packaging.

Freshrap, the solution for fresh chicken

Among other products, SciencePack created the Freshrap, an innovative active packaging that allows to increase the fresh chicken preservation period by 15%. Their properties are based on three factors:

  1. Continuous generation of CO2: The gas is generated with the reaction of the fresh chicken’s exudate with the active coating, without injecting any gas and improving the quality of packaged (30% of CO2 is reached yet in the first 24 hours);


  1. Specific packaging design to collect and conduct the chicken exudate to the active coating: This system avoids the use of absorbers that promote bacterial growth, discoloration, acidification, and moisture lost.


  1. Repeated resealing system: Once opened, the package can be reclosed again by applying pressure along the sealing assessing the protective levels of CO2 inside it.

Thanks to these properties, companies can increase their product packaging simplicity and then reduce their cost. They are also able increase product’s shelf life and its security, both necessary conditions to comply with international regulations.

But, in the end, the most important aspect is the perception of final consumers, who will see the life of their products increase by 15% and will notice freshness, as the product does not come into contact with the liquid or absorbent pads, will also increase.


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